The Optimistic Property Trend in Malaysia

September 9th, 2016

Source : The Optimistic Property Trend in Malaysia


The Optimistic Property Trend in Malaysia

What Local Services are Available in Penang?

March 16th, 2016

Penang is an increasingly popular destination for real estate investors, businesses, and tourists and a great place to make your home. If you are buying or renting Penang property through Property Guru and are looking for more information on the area before you commit, here are some details of the most important services available throughout Penang:



With several large shopping malls, dozens of smaller shopping centres, and street markets catering to all budgets, Penang has become one of the primary shopping destinations for Malaysia. It isn’t hard to find whatever you need in Penang, anything from antiques to souvenirs. One of the most famous and recognizable shopping centres is the Komtar Tower, home of Penang’s first modern shopping mall and one of the tallest buildings in Asia.



Penang’s diverse population, vast cultural heritage, and large amount of tourism mean there are almost innumerable leisure activities available in Penang to fill up your free time. This includes just about everything from hiking and bird watching to live theatre and music. The large religious population also means there are many festivals throughout the year. The tourist spots such as the beaches and historical sites are worth at least one visit, as they have cheap entry fees and keep on drawing tourists back year after year. If you want to get out of the city once in a while, there is still plenty of open land not too far away for hiking or cycling. Even the colonial architecture in the cities makes taking a walk through the urbanized areas of Penang a pleasant experience, which travel journalists say make it ideal to spend the day wandering around and exploring.



The good news is that Penang is famous for its huge variety of street food and vendors, with many dishes originating from the region which are popular worldwide. You could practically find a new place to eat every day of the week and never get bored or run out of new things to try, and most importantly without breaking your budget. The Guardian lists some of the top places to eat, including char koay teow from Lean Joo Sean’s famous street stall, dim sum from the De Tai Tong café or affordable seafood from Weld Quay Restaurant. For a special evening out, there are numerous upper class restaurants and bars as well. If you ever want to give your palate a break, there are also many foreign establishments. Japanese and Chinese cuisines are the most popular amongst locals, but there are also such places as The Hard Rock Café, which serves classic American food.



This should be a key consideration whenever you move to a new area as lack of planning could lead you to spending too much of your time commuting. Penang has a well-established transport infrastructure and more measures are being put into place to improve traffic. Even so, heavy traffic continues to be a major problem in many parts of Penang, especially near the city centre where streets are old and narrow. It is wise to plan your daily commute ahead of time and find ways to cut down your travel time. The city monorail and buses are also an option, but many locals still report them as being unreliable. When looking at houses, try to find somewhere as close as possible to your place of work or your children’s schools and check out the traffic situation of your neighbourhood before you move to avoid any travel disasters.


Places of Worship

The cultural diversity that Penang is known for mean there are several places of worship for practically all denominations, even smaller religious groups, many of which also serve as attractive landmarks and tourist destinations due to their history and cultural significance. Some of the most famous include the Kuan Yin Taoist temple, The Snake Temple, and the Sri Mariamman Hindu temple, but there are dozens more making up the pages of travel guides. If you prefer a quieter place to worship without tourists getting in the way, there are numerous smaller community temples, churches, and mosques dotted throughout the city so it is not hard to observe your own personal religious practices and traditions. The multi-cultural nature of Penang means that all religious communities show respect for each other and co-reside without any issues. There is also a good mix of multi-racial and religious schools throughout Penang to choose from.

Penang’s size, history, and cultural make up mean it is easy to find the amenities you need no matter where you choose to live in the city. It is worth checking out several neighbourhoods to see what is available and what you like best. With some careful consideration, especially concerning the traffic situation, you can find your perfect new home in Penang.

Fitch: Malaysian Banks’ Outlook In 2016 Revised To Negative

December 23rd, 2015

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 16): Fitch Ratings has turned the sector outlook for Malaysian banks to negative in 2016, due to greater pressure on earnings and asset quality.

The rating agency said in a climate with persistently low commodity prices, weak external demand and lacklustre domestic sentiment, that it believes there is a risk to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth.

Fitch also sees some borrowers facing difficulty in adjusting to the significant currency depreciation over the past 12-18 months.

“We believe these developments translate into lower loan growth and higher credit costs in the next one to two years,” it said in a report on “2016 Outlook: Asia-Pacific Banks” released today.

The agency also expects the recent rise in non-performing loan (NPL) formation to continue into 2016.

“The gross impaired-loan ratio — still steady at the long-term low of 1.6% at end-October 2015 — should increase, amid a more challenging environment.

“Delinquencies over the past 12-18 months have largely been from troubled industries offshore such as the commodity sector in Indonesia, but we expect deterioration in banks’ domestic portfolios to emerge in 2016,” it said.

Fitch’ rating outlooks, however, remain mostly stable, despite the more challenging sector outlook, on expectation that banks’ profitability and other loss-absorption buffers will provide a sufficient cushion against the projected rise in impairment costs, broadly preserving their credit profiles, amid the anticipated downturn.

Nevertheless, Fitch warned that the ratings would face downward pressure due to extended economic weakness, where significantly higher unemployment and a potential pull-back in lending would hurt banks’ asset quality, profitability and capitalisation.

“Exports and private domestic demand are the two largest drivers of the economy. Stronger global growth leading to more robust demand for Malaysia’s exports, or a convincing rebound in business and consumer sentiment — without excessive credit growth or inflation — would reduce the risks to GDP and banks’ asset quality,” it noted


Wake me up, when September end. 16 counters to look for October

October 6th, 2015

These counters are in my watchlist.


This is not an analysis, it just an observation to what already happen to the market currently.

The format is simple. Get the Target Price (TP) given to the particular stock by institutions, and give a summary, whether it TP is met or not.

Please bear in mind, trade with cautious, do your own research, and be friend with the trend. 🙂


ALAM (5115)

Current price : 0.485

Lowest TP : 0.40

Highest TP : 0.61 (not yet)



DIALOG (7277)

Current price : 1.64

Lowest TP : 1.65

Highest TP : 2.05 (not yet)



DSONIC (5216)

Current price : 1.55

Lowest TP : 1.22

Highest TP : 1.29



EVERGRN (5101)

Current price : 2.06

Lowest TP : 1.42

Highest TP : 2.20 (not yet)



FGV (5222)

Current price : 1.53

Lowest TP : 1.16

Highest TP : 2.70



HEVEA (5095)

Current price : 1.26

Lowest TP : 1.09

Highest TP : 4.10



HHGROUP (0175)

Current price : 0.51

Lowest TP : 0.56

Highest TP : 0.765



IFCAMSC (0023)

Current price : 0.95

Lowest TP : 0.815

Highest TP : 1.92



MIECO (5001)

Current price : 0.96

Lowest TP : 0.77

Highest TP : 1.21




How To Profit From Dead Cat Bounce

August 13th, 2015

If you ever find yourself within terrible market, where you see serious losses on every corner of the stocks, worry not.

Sharpening your analyst could make a lot of different. If you are in a positions, sharpen your CL could save you from losing more. In the same time, don’t give up in the market yet, because there are Gold Rig out there and it is called Dead Cat Bounce.

I myself find these following video could help explain how you can profit from dead cat bounce.

How To Profit From Dead Cat Bounce

How To Profit From Dead Cat Bounce


Take a look and have a nice day.

Video #1


Video #2


Video #3


Malaysia Benchmark FBMKCLI on track to another wave of bull market.

August 4th, 2015


Read the full article here:

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Tracking Money Flow – Malaysia

August 4th, 2015

Cautious August – Focus To Stay On Small Caps Shares • Foreign money outflow from Bursa-listed companies continued unabated last week.• Foreign investors have now been net sellers on Bursafor fourteen consecutive weeks, the longest stretchof back-to-back weekly selldown since the 2008 Financial Crisis. Last week, investors classified as “foreign” sold equity listed in the open market on Bursa (

Malaysia Bursa

Do Good, Be Good …. Why

August 4th, 2015

In Christianity its because God so loved you, and now that you have been saved, you should be like Christ, be good, be nice.

In Buddhism, we are all just passing through, its cycles, we need to improve the present life so that our future life cycles higher in the road to nirvana. Karma is a bitch too, what you put in you plough… maybe not this life but eventually.

My problem with the above two 
postulations is why can’t we be good for GOODNESS SAKE!!!??? Why do we need this fucking carrot being dangled in front of us, what are we, PETS!!???

I am not an atheist, and I do believe there is a God and its all very nice the love thing but let’s leave it at that. Do not extrapolate that into my character. I am still me. If I do good its because good is really good, it brings out the best in humans. It is the right thing to do, AND YOU DO NOT FUCKING NEED TO HAVE FUCKING SOMETHING IN RETURN – you don’t need presents, virgins, good luck, eternal life, good karma … those are some other shit.

We have a mind, a sense of morality … you may ask where do these come from … even if they are God given, just say thank you … but you do not need to do good because of that. Do good because the other side is evil/grey.

Yes I do feel good when I do good, so is that something for something, who cares… don’t do it for presents or promises or to change your luck because those will only reveal how shallow your character is, and in the end your goodness is tainted and watered down. Will you still do good if there were NO CARROTS!!?? If you answer yes, thats the best answer and the only answer you need to hear. Good hearts can’t be bought. You can nurture it but don’t bribe me.

WE ARE NOT PETS… don’t fucking dangle carrots/bones in front of us!!!
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Maybank / RHB online stock, How to apply?

July 28th, 2015

I'm trying to apply for one of these, to trade stocks online.
How do I apply for it? I looked at the one in Maybank but they offer a loan type service – RM50K.

Is there one that you can use your cash from your savings account?
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Telekom Malaysia Bhd Analysis

July 28th, 2015

Bags RM3.4b Broadband Project Stock Code 4863 (TM) Price:  RM6.98  Target Price:  RM6.92   News:  Yesterday, Telekom Malaysia (TM) announced the acceptance of Letter of Award (LoA) from the government of Malaysia for the implementation of High-Speed Broadband Phase 2 (HSBB 2) and Sub Urban Broadband (SUBB) project to deploy the access and domestic core networks to deliver an end-to-end HSBB

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