BURSA KLSE aim of attack- 6/22 Ringgit opened higher against US dollar.

June 23rd, 2017
Malaysia: The ringgit opened higher against the US dollar today on mild buying, dealers said.

At 9 am, the local unit stood at 4.2840/2880 against the greenback from 4.2860/2890 on Wednesday.

A dealer said the market sentiment was lifted by better economic data from the Department of Statistics which showed that inflation in May rose 3.3 per cent year-on-year as compared to 4.4 per cent in April.

The ringgit, however, was traded mixed against a basket of major currencies.

It appreciated against the Singapore dollar to 3.0838/0878 from Wednesday’s close of 3.0843/0869 and strengthened against the yen to 3.8532/8582 from 3.8574/8608 yesterday.

The local unit eased against the British pound to 5.4283/4342 from 5.4085/4131 yesterday and edged down against the euro to 4.7818/7871 from 4.7759/7809 on Wednesday.

Reference: - http://www.mmfsolutions.sg/services/malaysian-intraday-stock-picks-klse/
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Bursa Malaysia remained higher at mid-morning

June 23rd, 2017
KUALA LUMPUR: Bursa Malaysia stayed higher at mid-morning with picks up contributed by Petronas Gas and Genting. 

At 11 am, The benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) remained at 1,776.03, up 0.46 of-a-point from Wednesday’s end of 1,775.57.

The list had opened 1.32 focuses higher at 1,776.89.
On the more extensive market, gainers outpaced failures 326 to 287, while 330 counters were unaltered, 846 untraded and 34 others suspended.
Turnover remained at 533.24 million offers worth RM365.86 million.
Petronas Gas rose 22 sen to RM18.92 and Genting propelled 11 sen to RM9.69, as both counters contributed 1.45 focuses to the benchmark record.
Of the heavyweights, TNB enhanced two sen to RM14.20, Sime Darby and CIMB rose one sen each to RM9.60 and RM6.66 individually, Axiata fell five sen to RM4.93, Digi declined two sen to RM4.97, while Maybank and Public Bank were every level at RM9.59 and RM20.38. 
Of the actives, Frontken and Iris added one sen each to 30 sen and 16 sen, Hibiscus slid one sen to 38 sen, Bumi Armada declined 2.5 sen to 68.5 sen and Nexgram was level at 4.5 sen.
The FBM Emas Index extended 7.55 focuses to 12,623.31, the FBMT100 Index rose 5.32 focuses to 12,268.44, the FBM Ace enhanced 47.55 focuses to 6,183.19 and the FBM 70 rose 26.89 focuses to 14,931.49.
Be that as it may, the FBM Emas Shariah Index was down 3.70 focuses to 12,826.16. – 
On a sectoral premise, the Industrial Index expanded 0.14 of-a-point to 3,271.82, with the Plantation Index 10.58 focuses bring down at 7,917.14, and the Finance Index sacking 13.13 focuses to 16,836.86. 

Hot stocks of the day

MQTECH (Bursa: 0070) 0.055 +0.005 (+10.00%)
TANCO (Bursa: 2429) 0.105 +0.005 (+5.00%)
ATURMJU (Bursa: 7181) 0.340 +0.020 (+6.25%)
Reference: http://www.mmfsolutions.my/blog/malaysia-stock-pick/

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Bumi Armada oh Bumi Armada

June 22nd, 2017

So many report on Bumi Armada suspension of contract.

Public Invest:

Bumi Armada (BAB)’s wholly-owned subsidiaries, Bumi Armada (Singapore) Pte Ltd (BASPL) and Armada Oyo Limited (AOL), have each issued a notice of suspension to Erin Petroleum Nigeria Limited (EPNL). This is to suspend the provision of services for Armada Perdana by BASPL and AOL under the operational and maintenance services

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e-meeting : my recent trades

June 22nd, 2017

GDex : after ex-bonus 3-for-1, as market sentiment not so good … the overly-played GDex (thanks to baba’s news) tumbling down … broken the 50MA support … heading to 100MA to watch. If one is to catch the knife for today, park around 55cents.

Many more goreng-ed stocks are tumbling down … if we do not even know those are goreng-ed, without the cut-loss point … we will be hangus.

In case I do not blog these few days due to laziness … wishing readers Selamat Hari Raya and happy Holiday.

It is JULY soon … I m re-cruiting new members to join my trading group as I m doing more short-term trading these days. Time to prepare for market-crash … increase your knowledge and experience.

To join my group … contact me at cpteh@yahoo.com

 or send me a message there :  https://www.facebook.com/tratles/

Of coz I have some bad trades … and some good trades. But, I shown it all … it is about managing our funds. Lose small … win bigger … lose lesser times, win more.

Will share some of my trades tonight e-meeting … 10pm.

e-meeting : my recent trades

Thu, Jun 22, 2017 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.



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BURSA KLSE aim of attack- 6/21 EOD Evening Market.

June 22nd, 2017
FBM KLCI: 1,775.57 pts (-5.14pts, -0.29%)

The FBM KLCI ended in the red for the third-straight day, on extended profit-taking activities ahead of the long weekend. Market breadth was tepid as decliners beat advancers by more than two-fold, while 357 stocks ended unchanged. Meanwhile, energy stocks like Armada (-4.0 sen), Deleum (-3.0 sen) and Hibiscus Petroleum (-2.5 sen) took a beating, alongside lower crude oil prices.

Top 3 Active stocks:

HIBISCS (5199): RM0.39 (-2.5 sen)

HUBLINE (7013): RM0.06 (unch)

ANZO (9342): RM0.155 (-0.5 sen)

Volume: 1.69 bln (100-day avg vol: 3.01 bln)

Value: RM2.41 bln

Market Breadth: ?:284 ?:631

Crude palm oil: RM2,442 (-RM24)

Dow Futures: 21,419 pts (-18 pts)

Reference: - http://www.mmfsolutions.sg/services/malaysian-intraday-stock-picks-klse/
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Stocks advisory in Malaysia – Maxis share price down after placement exercise

June 22nd, 2017
PETALING JAYA: Maxis Bhd’s offer cost went under offering weight taking after its position of offers in an activity that saw the telco raising some RM1.656bil. 
The offers were around 5% to close at RM5.62, wiping out near RM2bil from its market capitalisation which remained at RM42.2bil. Volume was likewise high, with 17.57 million offers evolving hands.  
Merchants said the offering was because of a few speculators being worried about the profit weakening and vulnerabilities over profit spill out of the main telco.
“There would be some shade in the offer cost until income begin to develop,” said a merchant.
The telco reported yesterday that it had raised RM1.656bil from the situation of 300 million offers at RM5.52 per share, taking after the culmination of its book-building process.  –
It said the situation pulled in both neighborhood and remote institutional financial specialists, with the book being oversubscribed.
“The issue cost was settled at RM5.52 per situation share, speaking to a rebate of roughly 6% to the end cost of Maxis on June 16.
“This new value will reinforce Maxis Group’s budgetary position and will offer adaptability to subsidize future range task expenses and development methodology,” it said in an announcement.
MIDF Research said the activity would likewise make monetary adaptability for Maxis to finance its future range task charges, plant development and development methodology should the open door emerge.
It said the returns from the position would bring about Maxis seeing upgraded money streams, liquidity, premium cost investment funds and enhanced outfitting levels.
MIDF Research, which has an “impartial” approach the counter, in any case, noticed that the telco’s aggregate endorsers keep on shrinking.
“Maxis’ engaging quality as a profit play stock has likewise faded because of the adjustments in its profit payout approach,” it said.
PublicInvest Research, in the mean time, said the proposed practice did not come as an astonishment, given the telco’s high outfitting level and heavier capital use in perspective of the rising range cost.
“We trust the planning of this raising money practice is perfect, as Maxis’ profit stay versatile at this crossroads because of its exceptional marking and better system framework relative than peers.
“This, nonetheless, may not be managed moving into 2018, as we anticipate that companions will enhance item offerings and nature of administrations once they reveal extra range under the 900/1,800 MHz groups,” it said.
Stocks advisory in Malaysia

Hot stocks of the day

For more update: Klse Stock Tips, Klse Trading Signals, Klse Investment Picks, Stock Investment Signals, Intraday Stock Signals

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e-meeting : sharing myth #1

June 22nd, 2017
the link  …. go to :


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Stock Watch : Maxis

June 21st, 2017

Maxis : oversold … gapped down yesterday … placement at RM5.52, i think. so … give discount … we collect RM5.30 and below.

Note : I bought Maxis yesterday during gap-down but it failed to rebound and I sold it off at closing price. So, now it is my main stalk-list ….

Nombor yang anda dial tiada dalam perkhidmatan … terima kasih.

stock-watch group : do contact me at cpteh@yahoo.com

 or add me in facebook if you wish to join my trading group. I have few new members this month … they are happy to learn, I m happy to share.


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June 20th, 2017
开了CDS account
当时就听过Fundamental Analysis 与Technical Analysis,也听过warren buffett大师。我就开始学习这两种技术,用FA找出优质股,再用TA找出进退场的时机。说起来也头头是道,娓娓动听,做起就背离原意。买进的股都是 经纪,朋友介绍,然后自己去看看它的财报,不错就买了,没有深入研究。
2007年,去年的大丰收,这年双倍投资,也获得46%回酬。也是我最活跃的一年,共有87宗交易。学习什么是Option, Warrant, Call Warrant,很喜欢这种金融衍生品,用小钱赚大钱。亲身战场。在大牛市下,这年也是丰收年,赚幅是去年的双倍,因为投资额加码,把回酬率拉底了。
2009年,大风暴过后,再整顿一下,重新出发。眼看美国股市大跌,AIG,Citigroup面临倒闭的可能。心想跌到几块钱,很平宜,当下就买进 Citigroup,因该不会倒闭,可以翻身。原来战后的炭灰还是烫,会烧到手,又亏二十多千。幸好在马股有赚,其中的代表作是Topglov,挽回亏幅 至-8%。爱情,事业都有新的开始。
2011年,次贷风暴后,持续两年复苏,今年调整年。今年转攻美股,卖掉Citigroup止血,看中iphone的疯驰全球,买进Apple股票,股价 攀升到400美元,同年年抄,Steve Jobs 不幸病亡。担心这位苹果灵魂人物不在后,会打击苹果的未来,把Apple股票沽,转投Google和McDonald。虽然苹果和谷歌赚钱,可是被麦记拉 低了。在马股方面,油气股Kencana,Dialog,Armada,Pchem通通都涨了,可是被Citigroup,Armada的Call Warrant和贸易风吃掉盈利,倒亏-5%。
2013年,是刺激年,也是大选年,不少的传言大选日期,1月21日单日跌幅40点。最后大选落在5月5,可惜换不成政府,马股像吃了伟哥,隔空跳77 点。8月份美联署放风声停止QE,全球股市震荡。后来又澄清,股市又反弹。手上的股票市值还差两万就达30万。主要功臣还是 BJFOOD,OLDTOWN。今年杪还添加了ZHULIAN,WILLOW,MATRIX和美股的Visa。
谢谢你的游览Ali blog。

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KNM (7164) 科恩马集团 – 股市宝石特报专区-科恩马第15届 股东大会简介

June 20th, 2017


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