KL shares easier at midday

April 28th, 2017

KUALA LUMPUR: Share costs on Bursa Malaysia finished the morning session less demanding today, dragged around misfortunes in chose blue chips, driven by the Genting gathering. 

At meal break, the benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) was 1.25 focuses simpler at 1,767.67 from Wednesday’s end of 1,768.92, in the wake of opening 0.73 of-a-point bring down at 1,768.19. 

The key list moved in the vicinity of 1,770.90 and 1,766.38 all through the session. 

On the more extensive market, failures outpaced gainers 421 to 344, with 396 counters unaltered, 616 counters untraded and 53 others suspended. 

Turnover remained at 2.12 billion shares worth RM1.18 billion. 

The composite file was dragged around Genting Malaysia Bhd and Genting Bhd, which lost 14 sen each to RM5.88 and RM9.82, separately, while British American Tobacco shed 92 sen to RM45.08. 

Misfortunes in the three counters enlisted a consolidated aggregate negative commitment of 2.75 focuses. 

In the interim, exchanging and benefits in addition to fund related stocks kept the key file bolstered, with IHH Healthcare propelling 11 sen to RM6.25, TNB rising four sen to RM13.88, CIMB packing two sen to RM5.77 while the top-weighted Maybank enhanced one sen to RM9.49. 

A merchant said nearby and local markets took prompt from the feeble overnight execution of Wall Street. 

“After four back to back sessions of revitalizes in file connected counters, mellow benefit taking was seen, with purchasing interest now dispersed on rotational plays to the second and low liner stocks, here” he included. 

The FBM Emas Index fell 3.33 focuses to 12,607.04, the FBMT100 Index plunged 2.11 focuses to 12,238.52 and the FBM Emas Shariah Index trimmed 11.45 focuses to 12,961.05. 

The FBM 70 rose 21.92 focuses to 14,987.76, while the FBM Ace shed 3.28 focuses to 6,184.52. 

The Finance Index progressed by 14.04 focuses to 16,214.41, the Plantation Index climbed 7.09 focuses to 8,080.67, while the Industrial Index facilitated 0.49 of-an indicate 3,227.38. 

Effectively exchanged stocks included Key Alliance, DNEX and Iris which facilitated a large portion of a-sen each to 6.5 sen, 59.5 sen and 20.5 sen individually, while Luster and AirAsia X added a large portion of a-sen each to 14 sen and 44.5 sen separately.

KLCI traders could visit here for more updates:

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14 ways to develop restraint oh 14 ways to develop restraint

April 27th, 2017

1. Think about your goals and initiatives for today when you first wake up.

2. Review your day during downtime.

3. Intentionally do things with minimal distraction.

4. Take on ‘micro-challenges.’

5. Ask three questions before making a statement.

6. Postpone impulsive splurges.

7. Plan ahead for big indulgences and enjoy the anticipation.

8. Chart your progress over time.

9. Focus

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Get out of Debt oh Get out of Debt

April 27th, 2017

Stop going into more debt.
Reduce your interest rates.
Be aggressive, but not insane, about paying down debt.
Find a way to earn extra money to help fuel your debt paydown.

Currently I have two debts: ( luckily no credit card debt)

1) Car Loan – 1 years+, another 4 years to go – left 30 k

2) House Loan – another 10 years – left 100 k

I plan to settle this two loans by 50 years old.

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KL shares open higher in early trade

April 27th, 2017
KUALA LUMPUR: – The benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) opened higher at the beginning of today pair with the perky overnight execution on Wall Street. 

At 9.25am, the benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) remained at 1,766.66, up 0.83 of-a-point, from yesterday’s end of 1,765.80. The key record opened 1.98 focuses better at 1,767.78. 

Picks up in TNB and RHB Bank supported the composite file by an aggregate commitment of 0.986 of-a-point. TNB and RHB Bank both stowed six sen each to RM13.86 and RM5.37, separately. 

RHB Research Institute, in a note, anticipated the close term resistance level at 1,765.50 focuses, which was the high recorded on March 29, trailed by the 1,800-point mental check. 

The quick bolster level is foreseen at 1,746 focuses. 

Advertise broadness was certain with gainers outpacing decliners 314 to 165, while 316 counters were unaltered, 976 untraded and 53 others were suspended. 

Turnover remained at 612.79 million shares worth RM242.55 million. 

On the scoreboard, the FBM Emas Index progressed 11.76 focuses to 12,589.97, the FBMT100 Index rose 11.28 focuses to 12,221.67 and the FBM Emas Shariah Index enhanced 22.26 focuses to 12,955.82. 

The FBM 70 added 34.74 focuses to 14,930.98 and the FBM Ace increased 66.52 focuses to 6,178.33. 

On a sectoral premise, the Industrial Index progressed 3.92 focuses to 3,227.20, the Finance Index stowed 21.83 focuses to 16,151.31 while the Plantation Index climbed 14.03 focuses to 8,087.26. 

Among the effectively exchanged stocks toward the beginning of today were DNEX, AirAsia X, Hubline, RGB and Key Alliance. 

KLCI traders could visit here for more updates:

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Better Finance, More Properties oh Better Finance, More Properties

April 26th, 2017

Good webinar by KClau:

facebook live: https://www.facebook.com/kclaumoney/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED

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April 26th, 2017

If you buy at 0.20 OCR PA, you just need to add 0.45 by surrending 1 PA to get mother share,which means total you pay is 0.65 to get mother share which is 0.635 now.USE PA to Leverage on Mother OCR share price.7071PA    OCR-PA    O&C RESOURCES BERHAD –

Profile for Securities of PLC

Instrument Category : Securities of PLC
Instrument Type : Preference Shares
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KLCI jumps early Tuesday

April 26th, 2017
KUALA LUMPUR: Tenaga Nasional, Telekom and CIMB controlled the FBM KLCI higher early Tuesday as speculator feeling was stirred by the solid overnight close on Wall Street. 

At 9.07am:

The FBM KLCI was up 8.62 focuses or 0.49% to 1,764.67 – adding to the more than 14 focuses increased last Friday. 
Turnover was 227.29 million shares esteemed at RM99.55mil. There were 275 gainers, 58 washouts and 226 counters unaltered. 
Asian values were unfaltering on Tuesday and the euro held picks up as business sectors’ happiness over a moderate triumph in the first round of the French presidential decision died down, however close term speculator estimation stays positive, Reuters announced. 

Kenanga Investment Bank Research said last Friday:
The KLCI rose 14.44 pooints or 0.83% to 1,756.05 in front of the long end of the week. 
Conclusion on the more extensive market was likewise more grounded, with 588 gainers against 320 decliners and 386 counters exchanged unaltered. 
“Outline insightful, the KLCI’s essential pattern is certain with the benchmark file now seeming to have broken out of its fleeting solidification stage/20-day SMA. 
“In the meantime, the MACD has additionally converged its Signal-line to mirror a move in force from bearish to bullish. From here, anticipate that predisposition will now be on the upside, towards 1,760 (R1) and 
1,776 (R2) additionally up. Key bolster levels are presently 1,743 (S1) and 1,727 (S2),” it said. 
Telekom and Tenaga rose 12 sen each to RM6.60 and RM13.86 while CIMB added 11 sen to RM5.72. 
Age Credit picked up 24 sen to RM16.08 with 200 shares done while Petronas Dagangan climbed 20 sen to RM24.20 with only 100 shares done. 
Time dotcom joined the rally, adding 20 sen to RM9. 
GDex drawing in solid enthusiasm, picking up 13 sen to RM2.59 in dynamic exchange. 
BAT fell the most, down 54 sen to RM45.98 while CCB shed nine sen to RM2.74 and Astro three sen bring down at RM2.69. 
Seacera fell seven sen to RM1.21 and Seacera-WA lost 4.5 sen to 22 sen after it proposed to issue 70 million to 80 million new shares to raise RM70mil.

KLCI traders could visit here for more updates:

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Trading is very difficult

April 26th, 2017

Bursa : The tai-kor going higher … hitting RM10 now.

Tech-rally continues today with MPI breaking RM12, the beloved Dnex breakout of 50cents (at 54.5 cents now) and Myeg hitting RM2.16. So … tech-rally should continue?

Many in my group still holding VS-wa, some holding to Inari-wb … and those tech-tech … I started to move to tech in Jan (moved out from last year construction : ChinHin, OKA, Econbhd, Gadang, Gamuda, GKent and such). The trend is tech-tech … so, will be trading tec for 2017.

Well … the get-rich-quick Seacera-wa down 30plus % … another get-rich-quick Anzo in play … I didnt realise Anzo was the ex-Harvest …. I laughed when I got to know. haha … those in 2011 would know Harvest’s stories where many harvesting her till RM2 plus.

Last night … I managed to capture this … 222.22 … nice or not?

2 = yi = easy

So … get-rich-quick?


JJ poor-to-rich … what a name?!!

No way … we could not alert those involved. Can you teach others not to be GREEDY and be logical? It is MONEY leh … how do you explain many sucked inside? Sad to know, actually …. but move-on, learn the lesson… move on. Use brain, next time.

FCPO : Gapped down 40points in opening … minus 55 now, great.

SOY : Profited USD100 last night … (half-drunk) and went to sleep. haha

Cohort-24 : Glad that I had a trading workshop with few of them (one repeater … allowed to repeat for free, ya … if you are still in the trading group) … so, my next cohort-25? I don’t know … perhaps in Nov …

I have taught all … the fact. Trading is very difficult. Don’t try to trade AFTER retired (start trading after that … crazy … go for investing la … buy during crash, cannot ar?)

Those get-rich-quick trading system, I do wonder why are they selling to public since they could get-rich from trading so quick (come to FCPO or SOY, ya).

So .. aftr believing in hard-work in learning … doing, experiencing … and failed … wake up … re-define and move on … that is difficult part as it needs 10, 000 hours of deliberate practice.

One may attend those preview of trading-courses or softwares, we could hear those promoters trying hard to convince some greedy-ignorant about how we could CATCH those stocks before it goreng-up … huat-arr

Ok .. i rest my case.

It is that difficult. period.


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Dato’ Seri CHEAH Cheng Hye oh Dato’ Seri CHEAH Cheng Hye

April 25th, 2017

Dato’ Seri CHEAH Cheng Hye, aged 62, is Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer (“Co-CIO”) of Value Partners Group.  He is in charge of Value Partners’ fund management and investment research, business operations, product development and corporate management.  He sets the Group’s overall business and portfolio strategy.  (Note: In July 2010, Mr. Louis SO was promoted to become Co-CIO of Value

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GSC Movie Ticket oh GSC Movie Ticket

April 24th, 2017

How come Movie Ticket is so expensive now??

I love to watch movie. I just checked FAST and FURIOUS 8, is RM 17 per ticket.

So expensive, how to save $$$$$????

Buy DVD to watch at home??? Beh Song, no Dolby 7.1 sound, ha ha ha

1) Watch on Wednesday – RM 9 – not feasible for me, limpeh need to work

2) Watch using Visa Checkout – RM 8
When: 06 April 2017 – 30 June 2017
Offer Day Every

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