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I am new to share trading

I bought for 1 Call Warrant and 1 Put Warrant in Bursa

I had make little profit for Call Warrant by selling it before this expirary.

I study warrant before buying, but miss out Put Warrant (coz put warrant not so famous in Malaysia)

2 days ago jz realised one of my share is Put Warrant, and it is expiring on April 2012. The Put warrant no movement at this week. I started panic when I seached an studied for warrant.

Now I been confused by Call and Put Warrant.

Any one have any ideas of this warrant?
What is the difference between them?

1. Is it I will loss my money on warrant(call and put) if it was expired?

2. I study at Bursa, warrant is limited for loss(only loss for money for purchased warrant). but now I confused whether call and put warrant also apply for the same. Is it I will only loss for the money I invest in Warrant or I need to pay for cover the loss?

3. Mother Share for Put Warrant is increasing.
Exercise Price : MYR 1.6500
Conversion Ratio : 2:1
Current Price: MYR 1.77
QTY Warrant: 17000
Buy Price RM 0.01

Any expert can explait detail what is Call Warrant and Put Warrant?

Now I confused and panic.
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