Are accounts/finance/business courses crucial, For one to be a successful investor?


Title : 10 Golden Rules Of Investing In Stock Market

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I'm a science/edu fresh graduate and I've never learned anything about Accounts/Finance/Business.

I've never realized the importance of Personal Finance and Investment until I randomly stumbled upon these topics on the internet few months back.
Since then, I've become increasingly interested in Creating Wealth and Growing Wealth through Stock Investment.

Then I realize I've got so much to learn and I started to feel like I'm losing so much to those who took the accounts/finance/business path.

Is this true? Does Accounts/Finance/Business courses actually make one a better investor?

Coz from what I see, those who took Accounts/Finance/Business courses have an edge for knowing how to analyze financial reports or calculate numerous ratios of a company or understanding macro or micro economic news (e.g. Reuters/bloomberg) thus able to make good decisions whether to invest in a particular company…

So what do you guys think? Does Accounts/Finance/Business grads stand a better chance than science grads to be better investors?
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