Sentiment Index – Malaysia Stock Market

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The gain of the bellwether FBMKLCI failed to lift market sentiment as investors waiting for clearer picture after the 428 Bersih3. The Intraday Sentiment Oscillator slid to end at -191.71; lost 296.70 when compares with its opening point. The Average recorded a loss of 95.67.

In MSCD, %K (Yellow) computed as -306.37 (+38.30), %D (Red) -274.82 (+14.34) and the Histogram -24.47 (-1.77).

After today’s market, both key indicators edged higher but the Histogram continued to print longer bar in the negative area.

Market sentiment has stabilized as %K rebounds before touching the support. The shrinking volume in a weak market is a sign that sellers have held back their positions while waiting for clearer indication. However, charts show the base remains weak and sentiment is still vulnerable for adverse impact.

(Note: Explanation on Intra-Day MSO and MSCD are archived under “Labels” at the sidebar.)

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