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I was very pleased that DAP has decided to field a good friend of mine, Dr. Ko for Kampar’s parliamentary seat, trying to wrest the seat back from MCA. I believe he will get a landslide victory. I knew Dr. Ko after Koon Yew Yin introduced me to him and since then have met him numerous times in Ipoh, together with Mr. Koon. Dr. Ko is a heart surgeon, not only that, he is one of less than a handful who can do open heart surgery. What many people do not know is that he literally SAVED Mr. Koon’s life many years back on the operating table. 

I thank you for your sacrifice, and we know how convoluted the issues are for Kampar, with the UTAR thing, the accommodation, student welfare, integration with Kampar folks etc … not to mention the many “issues with MCA there”.


KAMPAR, Malaysia – She had previously objected to her husband being a politician to the point of shedding tears, pleading with him to abandon his aspirations. Dr Susan King Sie Meng, wife of Kampar DAP candidate Dr Ko Chung Sen, said she was worried about his safety “because sometimes, politics can turn ugly”.

“I am not familiar with politics and was concerned that it would take his time away from our family.

“But we discussed this and I realised it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for him,” said the 39-year-old paediatrician, who now proudly stands by her husband’s dream.

“As a wife, I fully support my husband,” declared Dr King, who has five children with her 45-year-old heart surgeon husband.

Dr King said this when met at a DAP ceramah here earlier this week. At the ceramah, Dr Ko said he felt the need to make a change and stand up for the people’s rights.

“As a heart surgeon, it is my job to look at hearts. Underneath the skin, no matter what race my patients are, be they Malay, Chinese or Indian, all hearts are equally beautiful,” he said, adding that he wanted to fulfil the hope for a better future for all.

Dr Ko is vying for the Kampar parliamentary seat with MCA incumbent Datuk Lee Chee Leong. There are 63,776 voters in the constituency, 60.4% Chinese, 28.8% Malays, 9.6% Indians, 1% orang asli and 0.2% others.

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