Re: The annual Bridgeway microcap thread: BRSIX


Title : 10 Golden Rules Of Investing In Stock Market

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This was a very good thread and I wanted to bump it to the top again.

Like the OP, it seems like every year I almost sell BRSIX but then I convince myself not to do it. I was dead set on selling some in the early days of 2014 (when it would be OK for me to take some capital gains) but now after rereading this thread I may not do it.

BRSIX finally outperformed the S&P 500 by a wide margin this year (by about 20% or so, low 30’s versus low 50s percentage annual return?). In 2012 they had an approximately 20% NAV capital gains distribution and this year, 2013, they had an approximately 10% NAV distribution. The distributions don’t bother me much since I am in the 0% capital gains bracket.

So has any reasoning for or against BRSIX really changed?

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