Pride (In The Name Of Love)


Title : 10 Golden Rules Of Investing In Stock Market

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I see plenty of my fellow Christian friends being “moved to silence” by the recent pronouncement that allows two people who are in love to get married. I am not trying to be a new fangled Christian here but can we respect an individual’s rights please. Back in Malaysia we can feel “offended” whenever hudud laws are discussed to be implemented for all races. We may not agree on all things, just as there are many religions in the world and many of them regard theirs as the only true and right way. No one has a stranglehold on the institution of marriage, the Christians did not, nor the Muslims nor the Jewish faith etc… can claim it as their own. If there are loving people who wish to realise and pronounce their love with the institution of marriage, so be it. If you are against same sex marriage, then don’t do it yourself. You and you alone are accountable, you are not to be the judge. You can voice your protests in a Christian context, and preach it within a Christian context. You cannot take snippets of your religion and impose that as the standard for all. Other religions can do likewise. Supporting the right to love is not unChristian. If there are non religious people in the world who do great work and sacrifices for charity and humanity, we should also support and applaud them even though they may not be Christians or Buddhists or Muslims. In the same way if non religious people choose to love better, we should applaud the same.
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