Happy Daddy's Day


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Good morning … Happy Daddy’s day to all great daddy out there … including myself.

I have gone a huge distance since my boy was a baby … I was broke. I have nothing … and was in huge debt. Every … before I sleep, I will kiss his fore-head … and promise myself to build myself up (financially) … to be able to support him … in the best way of my abilities.

My sacrifices as a daddy was great …. but there are many more greater daddy out there. So … to you all daddy, I highly respect your sacrifices.

Thank you for making this world a littl better … as we tried to carry out of responsibilities as …. DADDY.

Now … I will wish to send my boy to a ‘private’ school … I m a simple person, who do not use money much … I could save in makan (one of my largest spending right now) … reduce further in grocery-expenses … etc etc … work extra hours to be able to afford to send him … to private-school.

I attended the expo in Mid-Valley yesterday … shopping for a school for him. We found ‘one’ … but it is ‘costly’ … suitable for what I want in him … so, I may go-ahead … send him there, earn more … from tuition classes and trading.

Perhaps … I can jual-kuih too?

I am helping this family (with 3 OKU kids) … doing some promotion here … and will write more about their ‘stories’. Recently, I helped by raising some funds (thru facebook) to help them … to temporary going through tough times  …. and hope to grow this kuih-muih biz for them.

Yes … 3 OKU kids … and hubby in 60s, not feeling well.

If you need to order kuih-muih, call the number : 016-389 0711 …. you may cite me : CPTEH punya kawan/reader.

Thanks … and have great day!


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