Focus in 2018

12.20 pm : noon … no classes today (for past 3 days!!) and staying at home, bringing kids to jalan-jalan … and preparing for my Mt Kinabalu climb mid-Dec. So … mind set onthe peak but don’t know if body will listen … my 5th time and might be my last.

Sabah Trip : 9th Dec to 19th Dec … for those wish to meet-up.

The last time I climbed was with my wife … some 11years ago!! Aghh … Sabah will be another choice(besides my plan for Penang) for my retirement … in 3-5 years time?

2018 is near … got a month to plan what I needed to FOCUS in … besides my preparation in the market-crash (which eventually many still be stuck).

Toastmaster : I have exited the group this year. And will NOT continue with them, will be deleting myself out of the watsapp and facebook group. thanks for the memory. Great positive group and got to know few friends.

Movies : For past 2years, I tried to revive my ‘likes’ in watching movies … I failed. I subscribed to Ifix and Netflix … and will stop that by end Dec. I simply no longer have the patience to watch the whole movie … and most movies are so fake/artificial … without strong profound meaning about LIFE. Guess I have aged … so, I will quit forcing myself to watch movies

In 2018 … I have a goal : To be minimalist!!

To do that, it has been 1-2 months since I TRIED to clear many of my items … including old-valuable-precious items too.

…such as this ’30yr old’ cologne …given by my sis. It has been with me tho I have shifted numerous of time …even travelled to stay in Sabah for 10yrs … and back. If I could throw it away, I could defnitely throw MANY items away …

So … my current focus : papers, books and magz (hundreds of financial-related magz).

It will take a great efforts to clear hundreds of my books : Math, Chess, Bowling, Motorbike, Travelling, Know-how … and keeping only few financial books!! I have 10-20 boxes!! Will keep only 20% … difficult choices … and giving all away to libraries.

Then … i will go into selling ITEMS : My massage chair, keyboards, Kindle, CDs, furnitures … all need to go!!

Then … create a new e-mail, facebook (only to contact with members) … perhaps, start a new blog … and hide myself away from bad humans.

Bad human … those like to argue, criticize .. with intention to hurt. Oh yes, I will take up ‘buddhism’ in more serious focus.

I m born in a torn-family … and my grandma who brought me up pray to KuanYin and many Gods. I m NOT religious …but that doesnt make me a bad human. I do believe that many things not up to me to control … so, I just stay ‘BEING GOOD’.

I went to church regularly, joined my friends … and even when I was in KK.

My kids are growing up … they need some guidance and I will have to lead. So, I attended a ‘Buddhism’ course recently … a two-month, weekly course — to understand Buddhism. I read a lot about “religions” … cultures and history. All religions created with good intention and great teaching … along the way, came HUMAN … wicked and self-centered preachers … changing the real main cause of the teachings. Let me explore Buddhism … 2018.

While Charity-events will always be part of me …and my yearly activities, it will not be my focus just yet. When I retire … yes, this will be my main focus.

wait … found this one : good sound quality and with lyric

Songs … still my focus. Not movies. Perhaps … picking up Mandarin?

And yes, focus in blogging too. haha …

What else? Will reduce further things I m doing and groups I am in … pulling away from crowds is the main idea.

2.20pm : After lunch … lost the momentum to write … zzz …

Ok, till I could find the words again.



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