Last Trading day 2017

PMetal : In e-meeting, I explained in details why I bought at pullback RM4.93 level … and then, last night I explained the selling half at RM5.26 as I sold off all this morning at RM5.41-RM5.42.

Well, I bought into PetronM as breakout and sell her off today morning at RM14.90 level. Was queueing RM15.10 but it hit RM15.06 peak.  I didnt know … I was driving and travelling … only to check that it formed a bearish engulfing. Crazy to chase up this morning … too bad, those chased up showing ignorant or pure punting went wrong.

Then I used the PMetal and PetronM funds this morning to ADD to my SimePlt which not moving much yet. I have first portion at RM5.42 in my latest trade, so … I added at RM5.49 this mornng. BINGO … it closed RM6 due to window dressing. WOW

Failed to close it(andtake huge profit) as I was driving up to Ipoh (writing from Ipoh and no one contact me to meet … so, I m moving off early in morning up to Penang).

Anyway … we shall see next week how things work out … it is 2018.

2017 is a good year for me … except for mistakes (such as created a VIF and bought AMD … or holding to losing BJToto?)

Will do better next year with short-term trading (such as touch-n-go PetronM and many in few days trading time frame)

Ok …. meet up in Penang tmr night.



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