Bursa Malaysia stayed higher at mid-morning today – Malaysia Stocks Picks

May 12th, 2017
KUALA LUMPUR: – Bursa Malaysia remained higher at mid-morning today on purchasing support in many heavyweights, in particular in the oil and gas (O&G) area, merchants said. 

Among the O&G stocks, PChem expanded 15 sen to RM7.31, PetGas livened 84 sen to RM19.34 and PetDag was 28 focuses higher at RM24.28.
For the actives, Netx recouped a large portion of a-sen to 10 sen, AirAsia X rose 1.5 sen to 51.5 sen and IWCity expanded nine sen to RM1.70.
The FBM Emas Index enhanced 86.50 focuses to 12,731.86, the FBMT 100 Index rose 83.00 focuses to 12,360.79, while the FBM Emas Shariah Index progressed 91.39 focuses to 13,086.89.
The FBM 70 took off 121.14 focuses to 15,333.39 and the FBM Ace was 34.91 focuses better at 6,358.39.
On a sectoral premise, the Industrial Index was 43.28 focuses higher at 3,276.79, the Plantation Index added 21.54 focuses to 8,091.46 and the Finance Index bounced 91.49 focuses to 16,408.22.
Malaysia Stocks Picks
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My new workspace in making

May 11th, 2017

Here are seven tips to make your office a more peaceful and inviting place to work.

1. Live clean and clutter-free.

Clutter and dirt can create distractions, or white noise, and can take your mind away from the task at hand. Clear surfaces, walls and floors of extraneous items. Only display what you consciously choose. Clean up your space every evening so that you return to a pleasant office each morning.

2. Think of aesthetics.

Create harmony with matching furnishings, draperies and colors that please your eye rather than distract it. Invest in a comfortable, yet functional, office chair. Add personal touches that make the office feel homey rather than institutional, like a decorative pillow, picture or lamp. Get rid of broken, dirty, or marred items.

3. Create and use systems.

Put systems in place to help reduce clutter and anxiety. Create color-coded files and folders to hold information. Establish a routine for when to check email, take breaks, block work time, and return telephone calls. Get rid of paper clutter by using a “touch it once” system. In other words, when you pick up a file or piece of paper, decide what to do with it, such as shred it, toss it, file it, or trash it. The “touch it once” system is designed to help you move paperwork to the next stage instead of endlessly moving it back and forth across your desk.

4. Add some personality.

Personal artifacts such as photographs, souvenirs, and decorative items are what make your home comfortable. Display items in your office that make you smile and remind you of loved ones and cherished memories. Place items or messages that inspire you within sight. Create an inspiration board containing pictures or images that represent whatever you want to be, do, or achieve in your life.

5. Bring nature inside.

Living plants, fresh orchids, a unique stone or seashell, or even an aquarium filled with colorful fish will add a touch of nature and bring the freshness of outside inside.

6. Brighten your space.

Proper lighting can make a dramatic difference in your mood, behavior, productivity and hormonal balance. Use natural light to your advantage whenever possible, or showcase your personality and enhance your aesthetics with interesting and functional light fixtures.

7. Nourish your body and soul.

Create a healthy snack bar in your office and stock it with some of your favorite items to eat, including mixed nuts, protein bars and fresh fruit. Drink your coffee from a special mug, tea from a china cup, and water from a decorative water bottle. Keep your favorite music on hand to elevate your mood or help you concentrate.

These little touches will be sure to turn an ordinary workspace into an extraordinary workspace.

I am going to get a new working desk tmr … so, I will clear ALL my current items and slowly arrange with the tips above, making my workspace (at home) more comfy … needed to focus in my trades and readings.

This weekend would be ‘busy’ decorating it well …


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Advertisement : Tow-Truck

May 11th, 2017

tow-truck services available.

I took a screen-shot from my telegram group … click on the picture to enlarge.

Yes, I m helping an OKU mom to advertise … and I have asked my wife to check with Lynda on how I could help them .

Call Lynda : 016-389 0711 (can mention Mr Teh’s friend)

Do share the numbers/contact to friends and keep the number in ur hand-phone. U won’t know when you need it, right?

Thanks .


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Construction: Still A Big Question Mark Over Bandar Malaysia

May 11th, 2017
■ Over the weekend, local press reports laid out potential new names that could co-implement Bandar Malaysia’s masterplan. ■ Starbiz source did not rule out the possibility of the EPF coming in as a partner. ■ We highlight the stocks under our coverage that may still directly/indirectly benefit from Bandar Malaysia, despite failed IWH-CREC deal – Gamuda, MRCB and WCT. No big leads

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Buy low, sell high?

May 11th, 2017

PetGas : Sold at 20MA … highlighted area where I went in.

TopGlove : Sharp rebound … I sold at 20MA and moved to another stock … which is holding to paper-profit. Some members still holding (our entry was RM4.60) and exit is RM5.20. Well, I explained the entry in last night e-meeting as example. It is kinda no-brainer with RSI at 15 level.

BJCorp : I have asked all to sell at 37cents, while I sold in morning at 36cents (and moved to Notion in the morning). Well … I explained why we entered at 34.5 cents. If you bought few hundreds lots, it is a good profit.

Boilerm : This is not so straight-forward as our entry was around 85-86 cents … and it breakout 91.5 resistance. I q-ed to sell 91cents and it was done … but I did not buyback at closing price of 94cents. Will watch for next entry … when some contra-players selling.

So … it is buy-low, sell high (easier said than done in REAL) … but stocks could go higher after it hit our targets. We could only plan … all trades above are real (you may want to think of it as fake, whichever way, doesn’t matter to me, ya). And yes, all the above I sold … PetGas exited at good price it came back down … while the other 3 went higher after I sold for ‘something’ else …

I was holding to many stocks during the short pull-back in KLCI …

Here is KLCI pull-back time … when I covered my FKLI short … and started to buy stocks and long FKLI.

As I cleared many stocks … and hold to a short at 1768, I will want to see if there is a pullback again tmr or Friday … to sell my remaining short-term trading stocks and buyback those stocks up there … or those in my list.

Have a nice Wesak Day.


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Malaysia investor tips share – Bursa Malaysia opeaned choppy

May 10th, 2017

Bursa Malaysia opens higher but turns choppy

KUALA LUMPUR: – Bursa Malaysia opened uneven regardless of the bullish assumption in worldwide values including Wall Street. – Malaysia investor tips share

At 9.17am (Malaysia investor tips share),

The benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) was 0.52 of-a-point simpler at 1,767.63 from yesterday’s end of 1,768.15.

The record opened 0.31 of-a-point better at 1,768.46 at 9 am.

On the more extensive market, gainers drove washouts 215 to 134, while 288 counters stayed unaltered with 1,113 untraded and 26 others were suspended.

Turnover remained at 346.55 million shares worth RM263.63 million.

In a note today, Maybank Investment Bank Research said the FBM KLCI was required to be sure as it had enough cushions to assimilate any offering weight, given general pattern which was all the while empowering.
“We anticipate that the list will retest its past high of 1,768.15,” said the exploration firm. – Malaysia investor tips share
In the interim, Hong Leong Investment Bank said stocks on the nearby bourse ought to stay strong in spite of the dubious Bandar Malaysia bargain.
Among heavyweights, Maybank and Public Bank facilitated two sen each to RMRM9.37 and RM19.98, individually, while Tenaga, Sime Darby and PChem were level at RM13.92, RM9.32 and RM7.15, separately.
Of actives, IWCity shed 49 sen to RM1.67 while GlotecNetx and Tiger Synergy were level at 7.5 sen, 8.5 sen and 7.5 sen, individually.
The FBM Emas Index fell 8.95 focuses to 12,643.84, the FBMT100 Index was 6.22 focuses less demanding at 12,274.99 and the FBM Emas Shariah Index crept down 13.83 focuses to 12,981.96. – Malaysia investor tips share
The FBM 70 shed 17.42 focuses to 15,170.55 and the FBM Ace plunged 9.19 focuses at 6,316.17. 
Segment astute, the Plantation Index was 23.74 focuses firmer at 8,094.99 and the Industrial Index rose 0.28 of-an indicate 3,245.04 yet the Finance Index lost 30.39 focuses to 16,302.82. 
Malaysia investor tips share
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e-meeting : Stock Selection Myth

May 10th, 2017

Stock Selection Myth 
                        Tue, May 9, 2017 10:15 PM – 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 


book-sharing session on what I just read today.


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Stock watch : BJCorp

May 9th, 2017

BJCorp : I just sold her off at 36cents to change to another breakout stock … resistance at 37cents to SELL.

Yes, I shown the group WHY I grabbed at 34.5cents days ago … and since I need the cash back in account to purchase a breakout, I released her.

We need to TELL in advance WHY we buy or sell …. not after it was done. For example … after up some XYZ%, came out someone telling the world they profited few hundreds percent. Hmm …. put money into JJ if we want to get rich. 20% per month … do you Math.

Focus tech-stocks … ride it up.

Going for coffee-break …


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Alpha Stock Picks For May

May 9th, 2017
Alpha Picks: To Also Outperform In A Defensive Market Four out of our six alpha picks outperformed the market in Apr 17 (FBMKLCI: 1.6%). For our May picks, we replace stellar performer Ann Joo with Globetronics, and retain Ekovest, Kerjaya Prospek, VS Industry and YTL Power, while RHB Bank is our sole SELL call. BUY Ekovest on weakness, given that it is widely expected to fall today in tandem

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Bursa Malaysia Markets : Bursa Malaysia opened higher today

May 9th, 2017
KUALA LUMPUR: – Bursa Malaysia opened higher today, supported by the positive close in the Wall Street on Friday and more grounded unrefined petroleum costs. (Bursa Malaysia Markets)

At 9.06am (Bursa Malaysia Markets)

The benchmark FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) was up 1.45 focuses to 1,764.19 from Friday’s end of 1,762.74.

The list opened 2.31 focuses firmer at 1,765.05 at 9 am.

On the more extensive market, gainers drove failures 215 to 100, while 216 counters stayed unaltered with 1,220 untraded and 26 others were suspended.

Turnover remained at 303.49 million shares worth RM100.31 million.

In a note today, Kenanga Research said the essential pattern of the fundamental list was still immovably positive as it at present remained over all its key basic moving normal (SMA) incline lines.
“We opine that the FBM KLCI is probably going to commence the week on a positive note where overhead resistance are found at 1,776 to 1,800, while underpins at 1,760 to 1,743. 
In the mean time, Hong Leong Investment Bank said in spite of the French decision closed with a positive result, speculators may remain sideways and mindful in exchanging the share trading system without clear points of interest on the Bandar Malaysia bargain. Bursa Malaysia Markets
Among heavyweights, Maybank rose five sen to RM9.35, Tenaga expanded two sen to RM13.92, Public Bank was six sen higher at RM20.06 however Sime Darby lost five sen to RM9.27.
Of actives, Netx Holdings increased three sen to 10.5 sen, Globaltec Formation added one sen to eight sen, while AirAsia X was level at 50.5 sen.
The FBM Emas Index rose 9.45 focuses to 12,606.98, the FBMT100 Index was 15.25 focuses higher at 12,237.03, yet the FBM Emas Shariah Index crept down 3.40 focuses to 12,933.36. Bursa Malaysia Markets
The FBM 70 enhanced 38.21 focuses to 15,070.77 and the FBM Ace recuperated 41.40 focuses at 6,342.23.
Division savvy, the Plantation Index was 9.96 focuses weaker at 8,054.37 and the Industrial Index slipped 2.91 focuses to 3,231.76, however the Finance Index progressed 65.97 focuses to 16,304.05. 
Bursa Malaysia Markets
Reference: http://www.mmfsolutions.my/blog/bursa-malaysia-markets/

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