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July 17th, 2015

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Portfolio gained 18.6% in 2 weeks, tell me your opinions

July 17th, 2015

So I have started testing my trading strategy using a combination of technical and fundamental analysis using virtual money before trading with real money. I have created a portfolio with an initial fund of RM100,000 in bursamarketplace. This fund will only trade small cap companies. Below are the snapshots of my transactions.


Below are the stocks that I'm still holding.


This portfolio has a total gain of 18.5%(RM18,587.20) as of 12:30PM 16th July 2015 with RM1,357.20 in cash after taking into account of all the brokerage fees. I have set a time limit for this fund which is one month and aiming to have a total gain of 20% at the end of July 2015.

Any critiques on this ? Would like to hear your comments.
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July 16th, 2015
Stock: [SUMATEC]: SUMATEC RESOURCES BHDleo218The focus issue is released on today 16th july110682 commentsJul 16, 07:38 PM
Stock: [KINSTEL]: KINSTEEL BHDYoughinMr IVAN2222, can we talk in private? my whatsapp 016-20708171216 commentsJul 16, 07:38 PM
AwesomeFor those who still wonder why Frontken no give dividend is because they in th…12817 commentsJul 16, 07:31 PM
Stock: [SKPRES]: SKP RESOURCES BHDwkkhtNext week 1.605547 commentsJul 16, 05:09 PM
Stock: [AMEDIA]: ASIA MEDIA GROUP BERHADskyrcapGood evening everyone. I have some doubts as followed: 1. What’s the mea…5026 commentsJul 16, 07:24 PM
Stock: [DSONIC]: DATASONIC GROUP BERHADSimonChew…33279 commentsJul 16, 07:21 PM
CHRISSYCONNmslee81Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim buddies here! Maaf Zahir Batin!71343 commentsJul 16, 07:21 PM
Stock: [OPCOM]: OPCOM HOLDINGS BHDcalvintanengGuys, Don’t get distracted by political news. These are Solid Facts Abou…1410 commentsJul 16, 07:05 PM
Last updated: Jul 16, 07:29 PM
This short bestseller by Jim Rogers, one of the world’s most renowned investors, is in the form of a letter offering personal guidance and investment advice to his two young daughters.

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July 16th, 2015

Worst June in 7 years? Oil is not helping the Ringgit. •  The ebbing tide was a fleeting respite. After the outflow appeared to be receding, heavy foreignselling resumed last week.•  Foreign investors have now been net sellers on Bursa for nine consecutive weeks. It has been the longest stretch of foreign withdrawal since the last three months of 2013. Last week, investors classified as “foreign”

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Countries Stock market’s Capitalisation As A % Of GDP

July 15th, 2015

Someone twitted to us during our BFM show about the veracity of the figures of a country’s stock market as a percentage of GDP.

The latest figures were for 2012. There are still discrepancies because many markets have “outside interests” being listed as well on their markets. It could be REITs, foreign listings, etc…

Bahrain  52%
Belgium 60.2%
Bolivia 27%
Brazil 51%
Canada 110%
Chile 118%
China 43.7%
Colombia 71%
Denmark 69%
France 68%
Germany 42%
Greece 18%
HK 421%
India 69%
Indonesia 43%
Ireland 49%
South Korea 96%
Malaysia 156%
Mexico 44%
Holland 79%
Philippines 105%
Russia 43%
Singapore 143%
South Africa 154%
Spain 73%
Thailand 104%
UK 115%
USA 115%
Vietnam 21%

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July 15th, 2015
Stock: [PMCORP]: PAN MALAYSIA CORPORATION BHDchanky50PMCorp is cash rich. It has Rm 137 million of cash and close to zero borrowing…14681 commentsJul 15, 05:44 AM
Stock: [FRONTKN]: FRONTKEN CORPORATION BHDblackul66China will announce the 2Q GDP numbers tomorrow. Hopefully this will not drag …12698 commentsJul 15, 05:01 AM
Stock: [LCTH]: LCTH CORPORATION BHDpangolinha。。。。 I DIDNT sell la…. better wait .. is my golden eggs leh1520 commentsJul 15, 03:16 AM
Stock: [ASDION-WB]: commentsJul 15, 03:00 AM
Stock: [IFCAMSC]: IFCA MSC BHDnewbieheregot money just buy. remember CIMB TP RM2.04 !!39625 commentsJul 15, 02:39 AM
Stock: [EFORCE]: EXCEL FORCE MSC BHDDliaw SuIf pass above .675, sky will be the limit! ^^565 commentsJul 15, 02:17 AM
Stock: [HOVID]: HOVID BHDBergkampHeard somebody say that the new factory of hovid still didn’t operate.. Ca…3659 commentsJul 15, 02:01 AM
Stock: [MYEG]: MY E.G. SERVICES BHDLooks like Najib staying put for good! Now the whole crew in Umno covering his…5105 commentsJul 15, 12:23 AM
18,053.58 +75.90 0.42%
5,104.89 +33.38 0.66%
LCTH 381
Last updated: Jul 15, 05:15 AM
This book is a must for people interested in investing in China. I love how Jim Rogers details the areas and the companies to consider for the China boom, and the different exchanges that Chinese stocks are traded.

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KLSE : Day Trades Dated 8/4/2015

July 14th, 2015

1. TWRREIT – Bought in at 1.26. ^^ Hope to make a quick money on this but most likely will need to wait for a while but buying at this level would be quite safe. If can buy in at 1.25 better. ^^
2. MBSB – Continue to monitor this. ^^
3. PUNCAK – This one as well. ^^
4. Good Luck. ^^



July 13th, 2015

Foreign funds continue the gradual rebuilding of their Malaysian equity portfolio. •  Investors classifi ed as “foreign” have been net buyers in the open market on Bursa (i.e excluding off-market deals) for four consecutive weeks now. The amount mopped up last week rose to RM354.4m, the highest in three weeks.•  Foreign investors were net buyers every day last week, except on Thursday. Buying

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Cross Border Trading, Trade Singapore, HK and US stocks

July 13th, 2015

Where to open account for cross border trading? What is the brokerage and admin fees?

Thanks Sifu….
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Asiamet – Technical BUY with +22.2% potential return

July 12th, 2015

Asiamet Education Group (AEG MK)Last price : RM0.585  Target price : RM0.63, RM0.715Support : RM0.55 Stop-loss : RM0.545  BUY with a target price of RM0.715 and stop-loss at below RM0.545. The stock has been trading below a downtrend line but we expect AEG will make a higher high and higher low after recent drop. This is supported by the 7-day EMA which is on the verge of making a golden cross

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